With portfolio in hand validating the new teacher professionalism

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With portfolio in hand validating the new teacher professionalism

I would like to thank Matthew for his amazing unwavering leadership and guidance, particularly over very testing times in the CT & MRI Department due to one MRI scanner being taken away and a mobile van coming in as it's replacement.

Matthew has taken the brunt of all the issues caused by the van and has done everything possibly to enhance the imaging quality under extreme pressures and to find any possible solutions to scans that cannot be done. Working all week on the mobile scanner to set up protocols, despite this temporary unit not being as capable as the scanners we are now used to.

They praised his troubleshooting abilities and friendly telephone manner, he is a real asset to us and we're so proud he's part of our team!

Kim has gone above and beyond her role in supporting the practice education team in theatres.

Always trying to accommodate the department needs and our needs at the same time. On a day when the arrhythmia service was short already to annual leave, Clare covered the entire service on her own when the remaining staff called in sick, she stayed late to facilitate the last patients procedure in the Cardiac Cath Lab It is always a pleasure and a relief working with you.

Catherine has been a fantastic support with the many HR issues and problems that we have had in Pharmacy.

Thank you Mandy for helping us better understand this difficult time for families.

Thank you very much to Suzanne who coped very well with a complex procedure this morning with no prior notice.

Thanks LIZ Thank you very much for all the support, especially when I was just starting. Richard has been such a role model for infection control in theatres, and is setting the standard for his colleagues to follow. It has been a pleasure to work with both of you, I have grown a lot as a nurse by your side! The event was an amazing success, received fantastic feedback from the patients that attended, and reflects well on the department.

Sister Lou, you are an amazing manager; very supportive and understanding. Thank you for helping us to improve our infection control standards, and for supporting the team! I know that you put a huge amount of effort into this, and we are very grateful!

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She was very caring and I know put the patient at ease.