Two agents dating the same girl panama dating girls

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Two agents dating the same girl

” and so it’s that Ming got super drunk one night and tagged all of the teachers’ cars. Peter Maldonado The case against Peter is interesting: he is the one who had the most to gain from the documentary.

It afforded him social cachet and acclaim, access to seniors he never would have hung out with otherwise, and viewers for his work.

So Mackenzie might have been the one to destroy Coach Rafferty’s office, but she definitely didn’t draw the Ds. Ming Sure he had no alibi, but he also had no motive. But he’s on security cameras getting his books out of his locker, and then running when he sees the vandal.

Although some internet detectives have pointed out that two photographs of Christa show her boot on different feet, it doesn’t seem likely that a straight-A student and all-around overachiever would fake an elaborate injury and then make that dumb of a mistake. To me, it doesn’t make sense that Christa would file a complaint against Coach Rafferty for “inappropriate conduct” based on something that happened to her in football practice, whether it was putting her in the tackling drill or whatever he said when she was on the ground.It’s more likely that one of the photos was mirrored, or that it was a continuity error on the part of the show. Christa didn’t quit immediately after tryouts: she the team—and an Instagram photo shows her on her first day of practice. What if Coach Rafferty’s inappropriate conduct was actually against a different girl?But either way, if Van was able to help fake her alibi, there’s no reason he wouldn’t help her spray paint the cars. And Christa is incredibly outspoken: if Coach Rafferty did something inappropriate towards her, it seems like Christa would be the first to make it a massive, public social issue. What if Coach Rafferty sexually harassed or assaulted Sarah Pearson?Maybe the message “stick your dick somewhere else” wasn’t about the Coach dating Mackenzie’s mom.Sarah Pearson has been at the heart of this story since Alex Trimboli lied about her hand job, but her full importance was never fully explored: after all she was in San Diego with her family at the time of the vandalism.

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