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Shrimp dating zircon

Xenocrystic zircons are found in most of the younger granitoid samples; the xenocrystic grains are all Neoproterozoic, but fall into three age ranges that correspond to the ages of other Eastern Desert igneous rocks, viz. The analyzed granitoids have εNdt ( 3.8 to 6.5) and crystallization ages, which confirm previous indications that the Arabian-Nubian Shield is juvenile Neoproterozoic crust.

These results nevertheless indicate that older Neoproterozoic crust contributed to the formation of especially the younger granite magmas.

Underlying fracture zone nature of Astrid Ridge off Antarctica, Queen Maud Land, J. Refined spreading history of the Southwest Indian Ridge for the last 96 Ma, with the aid of satellite data, Geophys.

Bernard, A., Munschy, M., Rotstein, Y.&Sauter, D., 2005. Borissova, I., Moore, A., Sayers, J., Parums, R., Coffin, M.

On the other hand, the younger granites are peraluminous and exhibit the characteristics of A-type granites; these are post-collisional granites.

The U-Pb SHRIMP dating of zircons revealed the ages of magmatic crystallization as well as the presence of slightly older, presumably inherited zircon grains.

There is an increasing evidence for the involvement of pre-Neoproterozoic zircons in the Arabian-Nubian Shield, a Neoproterozoic crustal tract that is generally regarded to be juvenile.

The source and significance of these xenocrystic zircons are not clear.

TY - JOURT1 - SHRIMP zircon dating and Sm/Nd isotopic investigations of Neoproterozoic granitoids, Eastern Desert, Egypt AU - Moussa, Ewais M MAU - Stern, Robert J. The source and significance of these xenocrystic zircons are not clear.Die Studienrichtung "Technische Mineralogie" vermittelt Kenntnisse über: Die Technische Mineralogie versteht sich in ihrem Forschungsprofil als Bindeglied zwischen den klassischen Geowissenschaften und der Materialwissenschaft. "Breakup and Early Seafloor Spreading between India and Antarctica." Geophysical Journal International 170, no. References Antretter, M., Steinberger, B., Heider, F., Soffel, H. Paleolatitudes of the Kerguelen hotspot: new paleomagnetic results and dynamic modelling, Earth Planet. In an effort to better understand this problem, older and younger granitoids from the Egyptian basement complex were analyzed for chemical composition, SHRIMP U-Pb zircon ages, and Sm-Nd isotopic compositions.Geochemically, the older granitoids are metaluminous and exhibit characteristics of I-type granites and most likely formed in a convergent margin (arc) tectonic environment.

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