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Sex prat gratis cam

Crump--One who helps solicitors to affidavit men, or false witnesses.—'I wish you had, Mrs--Crump;' a Gloucestershire saying, in answer to a wish for any thing; implying, you must not expect any assistance from the speaker--It is said to have originated from the following incident: One Mrs--Crump, the wife of a substantial farmer, dining with the old Lady Coventry, who was extremely deaf, said to one of the footmen, waiting at table, 'I wish I had a draught of small beer,' her modesty not permitting her to desire so fine a gentleman to bring it: the fellow, conscious that his mistress could not hear either the request or answer, replied, without moving, 'I wish you had, Mrs--Crump.' These wishes being again repeated by both parties, Mrs--Crump got up from the table to fetch it herself; and being asked by my lady where she was going, related what had passed--The story being told abroad, the expression became proverbial. A Crush--A very successful party where there is no room to circulate.

Crusty Beau--One that uses paint and cosmetics, to obtain a fine complexion. Cry Rope On Someone--Give them away, tell secrets etc.

Cribbeys, or Cribby Islands--Blind alleys, courts, or bye-ways; perhaps from the houses built there being cribbed out of the common way or passage; and islands, from the similarity of sound to the Caribbee Islands.

Crim--Con--Money--Damages directed by a jury to be paid by a convicted adulterer to the injured husband, for criminal conversation with his wife.

Office--The head--I fired into her keel upwards; my eyes and limbs Jack, the crown office was full; I sucked a woman with her rse upwards, she was so drunk, that her head lay on the ground.

Cundum--The dried gut of a sheep, worn by men in the act of coition, to prevent venereal infection; said to have been invented by one colonel Cundum--These machines were long prepared and sold by a matron of the name of Philips, at the Green Canister, in Half-moon-street, in the Strand--That good lady having acquired a fortune, retired from business; but learning that the town was not well served by her successors, she, out of a patriotic zeal for the public welfare, returned to her occupation; of which she gave notice by divers hand-bills, in circulation in the year 1776--Also a false scabbard over a sword, and the oil-skin case for holding the colours of a regiment.

Cunningham--A punning appellation for a simple fellow.

Cross Dishonest--A cross cove; any person who lives by stealing or in a dishonest manner.

Cross Bite--One who combines with a sharper to draw in a friend; also, to counteract or disappoint--(Cant)—This is peculiarly used to signify entrapping a man so as to obtain Crim--Com--money, in which the wife, real or supposed, conspires with the husband.

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' To cuckold the parson; to bed with one's wife before she has been churched.

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