Sex chat bot in any languages

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Sex chat bot in any languages

The user clarifies that they are looking for news and specifically commentary. The bot has to be able to differentiate between different news formats like: interviews, reviews, commentaries, analysis.Formats can be combined so you could have an interview that is also an analysis.

It also understands how much these concepts are present in articles, books, videos, movies, etc.

Highlights of what you’re seeing: Conversation will change the way we think about search.

Its natural back and forth process and can be powerful when done correctly.

The bot has to understand that the user wants to refine the query based on the result returned.

In this case, take whatever the analytical level is in the current results and dial it up. The cognitive center has determined that there are no more news or commentaries on the subject that have a higher level of analysis.

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This is a powerful example of a bot using context in a conversation.

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