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(Those things just scare the crap out of the rest of us.) I know plenty of guys who have finance-related job titles and are still sweet, affectionate and well-mannered gentlemen.But obviously, there are a considerable amount of guys out there who are seriously lowering their stock.Good friends since their summer internships the year before, they’d been excited, at first, to join the ranks and get to work making money.

Michel wrote: During years 1–3, bankers construed their bodies as objects that the mind controls.

They worked long hours, neglected family and hobbies, and fought their [bodies’] needs in order to enhance productivity.

They suppressed the need for prolonged sleep, taking “naps at and then again at 1, 3, and 4.” When I asked, “Aren’t you worried that this will affect your health?

There's evidence popping up all over the Internet that men like this are a dime a dozen in the money biz, which has given me three more reasons why I'll be wary of dating more finance guys:1.

Money Comes First (And Always Will)As How About We points out, the great part about dating someone in finance is that they probably have a large disposable income they can spend on romantic dinners, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and, well, you. How much they make will almost always come up on the first date (UGH), and most likely, any emotional problems you have will have to be explained in dollars and cents for them to understand and/or sympathize. They Don't Get It When You're Not Interested This creepy list was written by an investment banker who simply couldn't take unreturned texts and calls as an answer that a first date didn't want to see him again.

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