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Radiometric dating measures

Despite the samples being perfectly organised, sorting out samples that are expected to produce good palaeointensity results took nearly a full day.But it was well worth the effort, as we ended up with over 100 cylinder specimens from 16 sites of the Grenville dykes for my project and about the same amount of specimens for Simon’s project.This was not easy because much had changed in the When collecting samples, there are a number of considerations; 1) Because the remanence is only locked in to the rock as the rock cools below a certain temperature, the rock sample must also be kept cool whilst drilling it from the rock.The image below shows Phil Mc Causland drilling a sample from an outcrop whilst Daniele Thallner pumps water through the drill and out of the end to keep the sample cool.This summer, Simon Lloyd’s and my Ph D projects of researching Earth’s magnetic field of the Proterozoic started in the geomagnetic laboratory at University of Liverpool.After a month of literature review, our attention was fully caught by Canada, where (Neo-)Proterozoic dykes have been a focus of research for the last 30 years.

The picture below shows the main part of the lab with the most elegant magnetometer in the centre.

As part of the DEEP project, the goal of my project is to gain a better understanding of Earth’s interior by analysing the ancient field strength while dealing with conflicting data of palaeofield directions in the Ediacaran period.

After one or two detours due to slight inaccuracies of our group’s two navigators (who will remain anonymous at this point), we finally reached University of Toronto’s palaeomagnetism lab in the outskirts of the University’s campus.

The compass only tilts forward and back so it must be rotated during this process; as a result, it is able to determine true inclination of the core sample.

Because the bubble is centred, the compass is level in both x and y.

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Now, back in the lab, we have started the first measurements and are excited to uncover the rocks’ last secrets.

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