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The photo, posted to Instagram Friday, shows Lakshmi posing alongside co-host Tom Colicchio.

The 47-year-old is wearing a bright red dress and no jewelry, with the scar on her right arm prominently visible.

But when her mother described the abuse to her stepfather, he refused to accept their claims.

Krishna is cuddling with her in the snuggly shot, while Dell peeks at the camera behind them. ” she captioned the image, along with hash tags #howsweetitistobelovedbyyou! It’s a notable image of the pair, who have yet to officially acknowledge their rekindled romance.

taken-by=bravotv She wrote, “In my career as an actress, the scar is no longer an issue. I’m not sure I would remove it even if a doctor could wave a magic wand and delete it from my arm.

I cover it up when necessary, but I prefer not to, especially in my private life. The scar has singled me out and made me who I am.”She continued: “The scar does make me special. I can tell a story about every imprint life has made on my skin: the mosquito bites on my back from when I slept under the Sardinian sun the summer I first fell in love, the scrapes on my leg from the rocks in the Cuban sea during the filming of my first movie.”Lakshmi first became comfortable revealing her scar when she was discovered by a modeling agent during her senior year in college.

In his suit, the 47-year-old claimed that the reality TV star and author aimed “to minimize — if not eliminate — [his] role in Krishna’s life.” (Lakshmi, who was in a relationship with the late businessman Teddy Forstmann, would not publicly acknowledge who fathered her baby when she was born.

Dell’s lawsuit cited a DNA test that proved he was the father.) The pair ultimately settled amicably in 2012.

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