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Perron deployed twice to peacekeeping missions in the former Yugoslavia, the second time as an anti-tank platoon commander, which earned her the UN force’s exceptional service commendation.

For all that she is best known for a single photo, taken during a training exercise in POW experiences in Gagetown, N. As conforming as I am, that was one of the rules that I could never accept, that I could not do something based on my gender. Cadets never put up barriers for girls and young women.

That was worse that any physical demand, because the intent was to make me fail, to have me leave the course. Q: In your book you remind me strongly of Romeo Dallaire, in your stubborn loyalty to an institution that has done much to let you down. You think that sticking out is going to hurt your chances more than fitting in.

But you know you have to stick out—be better than the men—to fit in at all. You know you will be the centre of attention no matter what.

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They suddenly appear as bright points where no star had been observed before.Here's a good argument for letting your kids stay up late: A 10-year-old Canadian girl discovered a supernova over the weekend, the youngest person ever to do so.Kathryn Aurora Gray of Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick, made the discovery under the supervision of two other amateur astronomers, according to the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.B., in 1992—Perron beaten, barefoot in the snow and tied to a tree. So when I finally joined the military, I was convinced that there was nothing I couldn’t do based on being a woman.After two decades of relative silence on her career, Perron, 51, will release her military service memoir on April 20. Q: Cadets at 14, joined the army at 18, sworn in at 19, then sent to Camp Borden, north of Toronto.

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The first thing I would say now to any young person assaulted would be to do something about it, to report it. Q: It’s too easy for institutions to keep sweeping things under the rug if no one speaks. It’s hard to tell the story, but it comes a point in a person’s life where it’s even harder to keep pretending to be strong and unaffected and pretending that you’ve moved on. It follows, and it follows, and it follows us until we deal with it.

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