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Mike1263 dating

This new barrel is one piece and made of metal for maximum durability.As it screws directly onto the main chamber, there is nothing but strength to the gun.The new outer barrel is long enough for the gun to happily equip a Sun Project M203 grenade launcher onto the gun, which installs with zero modification I might add, The strength of the Asahi design means that you can hand an M203 from the barrel without putting a strain on the gun.Inside the gun, a new 24" steel inner barrel has been fitted.This particular rifle is seriously upgraded to perform well beyond the abilities of the everyday Asahi Bushmaster.

This gun will easily dominate Marui AEG's on the battlefield.These airsoft are highly sought after today because of their near indestructibility and superiority over AEG's made by Tokyo Marui, not to mention every every other airsoft company, gas or otherwise.This airsoft gun is amazingly well built and is perfect for both serious airsoft skirmishers and film memorabilia collectors alike.The mags are utterly reliable and will never jam or fail.It is also very easy to increase the capacity of the magazines to 300 or even 500 bb's simply by adding more feed tubing.

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The magazines are steel and are externally identical to real AR-15 mags, the bb feed tubing being the only difference.