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The recent increase of female participation in the labour market, including of those of child bearing age, may not demonstrate that there is gender discrimination dsince the employer is to contributing to the maternity leave compensation, but in actual fact discrimination still exists .

Three years ago the Embryo Protection Act was enacted.

The National Council of Women has in the past months attended several pre- budget meetings in order to present to the government the needs of the woman and that of society in general The National Council of Women deplores the mixed messages that are being made public on the media on the proposed legislation on the Protection of Embryos, in particular now that it is in its final stages before Parliament.

News briefs report only violence that has resulted in deaths but these are only the tip of the iceberg.

The National Council of Women categorically states that any form of 'Maltese citizenship' scheme whose only aim is to raise additional revenue immediately should be condemned.

Although the marches and celebrations started at the turn of the 20th Century , it took nearly 70 years for the realization that something concrete must be done to start the uphill climb of gender equality.

Today more than 45 years later from that day, themes for IWD remain basically the same, with many predicting that full gender equality will not be achieved before another 170 years, and although the intentions to move to gender equality are present, yet a regression to 2008 levels has been registered in several countries.

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This will enable mothers and (fathers) who are working or studying, to avail themselves of free childcare.

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