Joe budden dating esther baxter

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Joe budden dating esther baxter

A freestyle was recorded and several other skeletons were rocket launched out of the closet.Joe Budden isn’t holding back from airing his dirty laundry.2) Esther alleges domestic violence in her interview and initiated police intervention. 3) Joe alleges he did not hit her and that the police report only reflected her story and was later dropped.4) Esther tweeted that Bossip posted photos of her miscarriage without her permission.(Joe Budden and Esther Baxter during happier times.) In the interest of allowing Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend Esther Baxter her right to respond, here is her response to the allegations made in Joe’s confessional song “Ordinary Love S–t Part 3″ last week….Along with Joe’s phone call with Funkmaster Flex last night.

So there is no purpose for those photos beyond shock value.5) Bossip tweeted that Esther asked them to post the photos (*that tweet has since been deleted).6) Joe believes the photos could only have come from Esther.Rapping over Frank Ocean’s “Novacane” instrumental, he addresses his former fling on the emotional track, explaining that she lost his children, pulled out a restraining order on him and then cheated behind his back.“Then it got weird I got stunned from that / You took it to a place where there was no coming back / Off my last breakup I was able to stomach that / Two weeks removed and you fucking with a running back,” he raps.

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I think the overall absence of fact-checking on celebrity blogs is generally the most problematic trend.

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