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But in the meantime, travellers need to deal with the state of things now, which entails awareness of local beliefs.Italy is a modern country and women are theoretically equal to men.Perhaps there is a certain amount of sympathy for a woman who is dining alone, but whatever the reason, waiters are usually charming and attentive.In a recent article, one traveller said she felt that restaurant staff disapproved if she ordered wine. I've even been offered a free glass of wine 'for being nice' and free desserts.

It will be worth the effort; you will find that exploring Italy on your own can be a very rewarding experience.There aren't that many single rooms in hotels, and I've often found myself upgraded to a double for the same price.If you are offered a double at a reduced rate, it's often worth paying as you should get much more room than in a single.I've often found myself in little shoe-boxes just off a flight of stairs, or dealing with a bathroom smaller than a wardrobe.When you're making a hotel booking, check reviews from other single travellers to see how they've found the accommodation.

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