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Effy and cook dating in real life

Kharral wasn't entirely respectful of his religion, eating pork, indulging in pre-marital sex and taking drugs.The role was enough of a showcase to capture the attention of director Danny Boyle, who was looking to adapt Indian novel Q&A for the big screen.So I'm featured in both of Effy's episodes, as is Lily Loveless who plays Naomi, because obviously her character's storyline ties in with mine due to their relationship.Emily is in New York pursuing her photography career, which is quite ironic seeing as I'm also into photography.It was announced yesterday that Dev Patel, who played hard-partying Anwar Kharral, has been nominated for an Oscar for his most recent role in Hollywood tearjerker Lion, while Nicholas Hoult and Jack O'Connell are both on their way to becoming household names. The Skins cast back in 2008, when they were enjoying their first taste of fame (Pictured from left: Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Larissa Wilson, Joseph Dempsie, Daniel Kaluuya, Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult )Set in Bristol and written by father-and-son duo Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, Skins documented life for a group of hormone-raging teenagers going through Sixth Form.The sitcom's brave storylines clearly provided key actors with a blistering showreel - something that would stand them in good stead over the coming decade.

Have you been tuning in to the final series of Skins?Let us know what you think of the show in the comment box below or tweet us @Cosmopolitan UKSKINS CAST: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?When controversial teen drama Skins burst onto television screens via E4 on January 25th 2007, it quickly made a huge impact.She comes back a couple of times within the episodes to see Naomi, so that's how my character fits into the episodes. I think she's become more sure of herself, in the first series she was very shy and reserved and as the show went on she came out of her shell and became more assertive, stepping out of her sister's shadow.In the years we haven't seen her, she's found out who she is, what she wants to do professionally, and has gone out and grabbed it herself.

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Have you seen the other members of the cast since the season ended?

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