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Dhcp server updating dns records

2016-04-18 Fixed issue #5 (script output would redirect to the wrong place) 2016-04-18 Fixed issue #6 (documentation) 2016-04-18 Fixed issue #7 (added new lease file location for DSM 6.0) 2016-09-17 log file now prints out more debug information about both static and dynamic addresses populated into DNS records 2016-09-17 S99poll should now work correctly under both DSM 5 and DSM 6 2016-09-17 Fixed issue #11 Serial # is now updated for DNS zone master forward and reverse files 2017-02-22 Fixed issue #19 S99poll now has a "status" command and also handles the situation where multiple process may have been erroneously running 2017-03-06 diskstation_dns_now uses a more deterministic method for gathering network interfaces instead of making assumptions about which network interfaces are present PR #17 2017-03-06 diskstation_dns_now removes invalid characters from generated DNS hostnames per RFC 952 PR #17 ####Deployment You will need to: Warning If you manually start the server manually like this, this script will only run while you are logged on to the ssh console. DNS will not be updated from new reservations until this script is started again.

To run the script permanently, you will need to reboot your Synology Diskstation.

You can't, for example, do something like from another host on your network.

For the average consumer client device like a laptop or ipad, this is normally fine.

2014-11-10 Fixed a bug where DNS update would fail if DHCP client does not specify a hostname 2014-11-23 A new script is available to update DNS within 10 seconds of a new DHCP reservation 2015-05-01 DHCP leases in are now supported.

The DNS server knows nothing about this hostname to IP address assignment.

This means that no other host on the network will be able to refer to the laptop if they only know the hostname.

So, lets say you have a VMware ESXi server on your local network. Only the DNS server needs to remember the IP address. Synology diskstation also has a DHCP server that you can use to dynamically assign IP addreses to hosts on your network.

This means you can power up a new laptop, ipad, or guest VM on your network and it will be able to use the network without configuring anything.

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