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There’s been unending scandals in K-pop this year along it’s quite disheartening, seeing happy and supportive moments like this helps wash away the darker news for something cheerful and positive.Just when you think you’ve learnt the laws of dating, they go and change every last rule in the book.Apart from three one-night stands that she says she didn’t enjoy, all Rachel’s sexual partners are part of her friend group.

“I think we had our first date six months after our relationship started,” she says.

All the sex and none of the restrictions of a relationship certainly works well for some students and the liberation of no rules can help teenagers discover what they really want in a partner.

But the emphasis on casual relationships means that those who want something more intimate can have to hide their emotions.

But while dating is a rarity, university romances are as complicated as ever.

Although sex may be more common than love at university, there’s still a peculiar form of romance on campus.

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